De Cicco Warehouse No. 4, c1980

The De Cicco Warehouse No. 4 looks like it has cast-iron columns along its front side. It’s unusual to find cast-iron details this far from the downtown core but this old warehouse stood on the southwest corner of SW Corbett Avenue and Baker Street at least into the 1980s. The 1931 Greyhound Bus garage is just out of frame to the right.

(Photo: Ju Suk)

6 thoughts on “De Cicco Warehouse No. 4, c1980

  1. That’s too bad they took it down. I’m glad the Greyhound terminal is still there though. It’d be nice if someone would renovate it and use it.

  2. yeah, that Greyhound building has been threatened with demolition for a while now. I certainly hope it doesn’t happen, but I’m afraid chances are it will be gone sooner or later..

  3. That section of town is a funny little backwater. Few go there unless they’re lost or are jogging. How much longer will that be true with light rail, the streetcar and South Waterfront happening or on the horizon?

  4. I was by the old Greyhound building this weekend and noticed a sign stating that PGE will be building a new substation on the site soon. So I’m sure it will vanish soon.

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