N Ross & N McMillen, 1957

This row of homes and apartments was on N. Ross Avenue where it intersected with N. McMillen Street in McMillen’s Addition. The area was eventually demolished for the Memorial Coliseum complex. McMillen’s Addition was on a diagonal grid but the intersection would be about where N. Winning Way and N. Center Ct. Street meet now.  This view looks north.

(City of Portland Archives)

Oregon Journal Building Demolition, 1969

VP fan Jim D. sent this photo of the 1933 Portland Public Market/Oregon Journal building being demolished in 1969. The building sat between Front Avenue and Harbor Drive, stretching between SW Morrison and Salmon Streets. Thanks Jim!

(Jim D.)

SW Vista, NW 23rd & Burnside, 1913

We just can’t seem to leave this intersection, especially when VP fans like Bud Holland keep sending us such fantastic material. Murlark Hall again is the center of the action and the caption pretty much describes the scene. Note the “Benson Bubbler” behind the gent on the fire hydrant. Compare with this 1952 photo from the same vantage point. Thanks Bud, great stuff.

(Bud Holland)

W Burnside & 23rd, 1913

This photo follows yesterday’s image of the same intersection. This time we look west from 23rd as Burnside heads up into the West Hills. The brick building on the left was the Portland Railway, Light & Power Company’s car shops and barns. The building in the distance on the north side of Burnside is probably part of the Gambrinus Brewing Company. As mentioned by some comments yesterday, the brewery filled most of the area between that building and the NW Everett/Westover intersection, about where Uptown Shopping Center sits today.

(City of Portland Archives)

NW 23rd & Burnside, 1913

We’ve visited the corner of NW 23rd and W Burnside several times before on Vintage Portland but we’ve never gone so far back to do it. This 1913 photo shows the northeast corner looking north up 23rd Avenue. I believe the building in the distance (with the “D”) is the 1910 Kailes Building, now home to Uptown Billiards.

(City of Portland Archives)

Hoyt Hotel Annex, 1967

The legendary Hoyt Hotel at NW 6th and Hoyt had this annex directly to the south. This 1967 photo shows some nice detail of the ornate annex. This view is northwest, NW 6th and Glisan is just off screen to the right. The hotel closed in 1972 and was demolished in 1977 to make way for a bus terminal which was eventually built a block away. The hotel lot is still empty today.

(University of Oregon Libraries)