Abington Building, 1924

The 1886 Abington Building was Portland’s first five-story building. Located on the east side of SW Third between Stark and Washington Streets, the Abington was flanked on the north by the Mckay building, and the Council Building on the south. It was demolished in 1967.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

5 thoughts on “Abington Building, 1924

  1. The Abington and McKay buildings were Robert Pamplin properties when they were demolished to make way for the parking lot that is still there today. I think the Council building lasted longer- I have seen some cool pictures of it decked out in 1970s stile funky red white and blue for a jeans store on the first floor called General Pants.

    There was once a tower, along the lines of that which once graced the Kamm block atop the Abington. At some point the building was renamed the Davis.

    I would really like to see a picture of the neighboring McKay building which is barely visible to the left. Note the change in style between the third and fourth floors. At some point, probably in the late 1880s or early 1890s it was expanded upwards to create a blend of cast-iron Italianate and the arches from the Richardsonian Romanesque revival. There is a drawing of it in its earlier form in the Grand Era of Cast Iron Architecture in Portland Oregon, along with the Abington building with its tower. There has to be a later photograph out there somewhere!

  2. The Architectural Heritage Center has numerous pieces salvaged from this building, including cast iron and a third story (I think) window. They also have some photo slides showing the General Pants store that Dan H. mentioned, courtesy of the late George McMath.

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