SW 11th & Market, c1910

This home sat on the northwest corner of SW 11th and Market Street in this circa 1910 photo (looking at the 11th Avenue side here). It was demolished in 1970 and, perhaps not surprisingly, the location is a surface parking lot today.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

4 thoughts on “SW 11th & Market, c1910

  1. I take it the property was on the west side of eleventh, not the east side?

    How much is that doggie in the window? The one with the creepy eyes? (first floor window to the right of the front entrance).

  2. cj – Brilliant bit of reasoning and a terrific memory. Yes, I’d venture to say the tall background house on the far right is the same house.

  3. cj: It looks like the windows in the two pictures are similar, the roof has the same edge around it where the gutters would be, the chimney is similar and if you look to the left of the tree you can just see the varying length slats on the corner. Wouldn’t that mean that this house had a steep sloping roof on one side and a short one with windows on the other (the side you can see in this picture)?

    By the way, I know this is off topic but did anyone go to the 100th anniversary of the Rose City Veterinary Hospital? I completely forgot but there was an article about it with some history and pictures of the old Portland Fire Department’s Hose #3 on 1917 S.E. 7th and Grand.


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