11 thoughts on “NW Cornell Road, c1940

  1. It looks like there’s one telephone pole that needs to lay off the steroids.

    Either that, or it’s one hedge that’s been trimmed by Twiggy.

  2. What a beautiful old house! The half-timbered gable ends and the dormer in between, plus large terrace and entrance porch are very similar to the ones on the late, great Whidden & Lewis designed Adolphe Wolfe mansion which was located on SW King Ave. I agree that the obese telephone pole must be covered in ivy. Looks like several other houses in the neighborhood are still intact as well.

  3. According to Portlandmaps.com this house was built in 1905, so it could well have been influenced by the Wolfe house which was built in 1900, and ironically enough demolished not long after this picture was taken.

  4. Don’t forget you can enlarge most of these photos by left clocking on them. Makes the ivy on the pole show up better.

  5. This style of house was very popular, I have noticed in my old house research that there were many houses that looked like this in the 1910’s. House has not changed much that I can see except for a set of winding steps leading up to what must be a side entrance on the left now. Must have an under the house garage now.

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