Hotel Carlton, 1911

The operator of the Hotel Carlton promised that the hotel would be “the Ritz-Carlton of Portland” and “is to be the last word in comfort, convenience and luxury.” It opened on the northwest corner of SW 14th and Washington in 1911 but by the time it was demolished for the Stadium Freeway in 1965, it had been reduced in status to a home for the aged and disabled. Click here to read the full story (advertisement) in The Oregonian of May 7, 1911 about the splendor of the new hotel.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

14 thoughts on “Hotel Carlton, 1911

  1. Is this the same location as the Heilig Theatre was located? The Theatre was abandoned about that time.

  2. My Grandmother and her brother owned the Fabian Hotel in 1922. (Charles Warner and Emma Fletcher) Can you tell me why the address was 489 1/2….why the 1/2? Business’ used the 489 address…so might the hotel been up stairs. My mother remembered “stairs”. Are there better photos? I found a few but it’s only a sliver of the Fabian.

  3. Yes, That’s were I’ve assumed it to be also. Does anyone have information about the Fabian Hotel? I have ads and news clips and Sanborn Map of that pie shaped street…1908. Also have two post cards with just a sliver of the Fabian showing. There is also a mystery about the Kolb & Dill Publicity people who stayed at the Fabian. They skated out without paying the bill. They left their small red trunk behind. It’s been passed down thru our family. (lol)

  4. Joan,

    Dan posted a previous aerial view that included this neighborhood. If you imagine the picture divided into four equal quadrants, the Carlton Hotel would be near the center of the upper right rectangle. The picture appears to be post-Fabian though.

  5. It looks as if Washington street between 14th and 15th
    or the south side of the triangle was a viaduct. It looks like
    there are wooden post holding it up, or am I just seeing things?

  6. There are four triangles…which one were you commenting on? I suspect the Fabian Hotel is long gone by 1947.

    My family left Portland in 1926. Wonder who they sold to. Or if they actually owned it….

  7. Not sure if this photo will open. It’s same year as your photo but is a post card. It has too many windows to be the real Carlton Hotel. The Fabian is probably fabricated also…I don’t think the Fabian was more than a story or two. What do you think. Attached web page. Hope this works.

  8. I just bought a really cool skeleton key with a large key tag that says Carlton Hotel Portland, Ore.

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