Edgar Oscar Doud House, 1966

Posts about both the Marcus Delahunt house and the John W. Kern house generated comments about the long-gone house on the southeast corner of SE 54th and Morrison. That was the 1878 Edgar Oscar Doud home. Here is the story of the Doud family, the house, and its demolition in 1966.

(The Oregonian. Retrieved from http://infoweb.newsbank.com)

Spatenhaus Tavern, c1967

Twenty years before he would become Portland’s mayor, Bud Clark ran the Spatenhaus Tavern on the corner of SW 3rd and Market, across from the old Municipal Auditorium (see a different perspective here). Here’s a 1967 feature article in The Oregonian about the impending demise of the Spatenhaus. Thanks to Bud’s daughter Rachel Clark for allowing the use of this photo which is displayed in the Goose Hollow Inn. Stop in for lunch or dinner and view their other historic photos.

(Rachel Clark/Goose Hollow Inn)

SW Broadway, 1955

These stately homes lined the west side of SW Broadway north of Market Street. Date of demolition is unknown but they were replaced by the University Park Condominiums, built in 1988.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

NW 9th & Johnson, 1936

Remarkably unchanged in 75 years, this view is south on NW 9th from Johnson Street. What’s known today as the Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center, the building on the right was called Central Truck Terminal in 1936.

(City of Portland Archives)

SE Powell & 39th, 1935

There’s still a gas station on the northeast corner of SE Powell & 39th but that’s about all this scene shares with today’s view. We’re looking east on Powell here. The trees in the center distance, south side of the road, are at Creston City Park.

(City of Portland Archives)

NW 10th Ave, 1921

Parking is only slightly harder to find now than it was in 1921 on this block of NW 10th between Burnside and Couch. Powell’s City of Books is on the left now. Across Couch, the First Regiment Armory building today is half what it was then; only the 1891 annex, on the north half of the block, survives.

(City of Portland Archives)

West Side Flood Waters, 1948

High water during the flood of June, 1948, inundate low-lying and unprotected areas of Portland’s south waterfront and Ross Island Bridge.

(City of Portland Archives)