Fire Station 3, 1950

The Portland Fire Department appears to be showing off its new 1950 American LaFrance fire engine in front of Station 3 at 1425 NW Glisan. The 1913 building is now the home of Touché Restaurant. In fact all the buildings you can see in this photo are still standing.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “Fire Station 3, 1950

  1. Can some student of fire-truck history out there explain why some fire trucks were built with open-air cabs? This was 1950– cars and trucks had been enclosed for years. Why should firemen have to sit out in the rain?

    And where is the radiator for the engine?

  2. It’s always hard to get the angle just right, but I did my best. You can see the stand for one of the water towers is still there. There’s also the reflection of the Google car in the window. On the side of the firehouse the water pipe still remains although you will have to change the image location.

  3. It’s a Fire Truck, not a Fire Engine. There is a difference. Fire Engines carry water, Fire trucks carry ladders

  4. They are thinking of demolishing this building. Looking for all historic firehouses on HRI and in NW. Thinking a multiple property listing might be an asset.

  5. My father was a fireman in Portland at Central Station for 17 years. He left the year I was born, 1965, because he said he wanted to live to see me grow up. Firefighting in those days was a VERY dangerous proposition. He lived to be 88 and change and I buried him with honors at the Veterans Cemetery in Augusta on what would have been his 89 birthday. Another of our greatest generation gone but not forgotten.

    Carl Arthur Pierce
    04/28/1929 – 02/10/2017
    I miss you dad.

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