Spatenhaus Tavern, c1967

Twenty years before he would become Portland’s mayor, Bud Clark ran the Spatenhaus Tavern on the corner of SW 3rd and Market, across from the old Municipal Auditorium (see a different perspective here). Here’s a 1967 feature article in The Oregonian about the impending demise of the Spatenhaus. Thanks to Bud’s daughter Rachel Clark for allowing the use of this photo which is displayed in the Goose Hollow Inn. Stop in for lunch or dinner and view their other historic photos.

(Rachel Clark/Goose Hollow Inn)

2 thoughts on “Spatenhaus Tavern, c1967

  1. I remember two things about Bud. He made a poster where he is wearing a trench coat and (taken from behind him), he appears to be exposing himself to a female statue. It got titled “Expose Yourself to Art”. I thought it was amusing but it caused something of a scandal. You can look at a print of the poster at this commercial web site: I notice that it is $70 even after the savings. And then when he was mayor he also had to fire the then chief of police and he did it in public in a restaurant or something and used the phrase “Read my lips!”. That really made him famous around Portland.

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