NW 9th & Johnson, 1936

Remarkably unchanged in 75 years, this view is south on NW 9th from Johnson Street. What’s known today as the Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center, the building on the right was called Central Truck Terminal in 1936.

(City of Portland Archives)

4 thoughts on “NW 9th & Johnson, 1936

  1. AKA the Ecotrust Building. A great example of restoration as conservation. The building has a gold LEED rating. Another reason to preserve solidly built historic architecture. Modern Portland’s great about about recycling; even its buildings.

  2. I wonder why the Market Value is $10,419,390.00
    and the 2010 Assessed Value is $1,483,680.00
    Property Taxes $32,237.98
    Total Taxes $32,237.98

    This sounds like a great example of tax breaks and or tax forgiveness, that the rest of the taxpayers must make up.

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