NW 10th Ave, 1921

Parking is only slightly harder to find now than it was in 1921 on this block of NW 10th between Burnside and Couch. Powell’s City of Books is on the left now. Across Couch, the First Regiment Armory building today is half what it was then; only the 1891 annex, on the north half of the block, survives.

(City of Portland Archives)

3 thoughts on “NW 10th Ave, 1921

  1. My old shop was across the street from the Armory. When the streetcar tracks were being laid, they removed the very tracks you see in this photo. I always thought that was ironic. Blitz used to load trucks where the demolished half of the Armory was and used the annex for a beer warehouse. We used to amuse ourselves watching the hobos try to steal cases of beer off the loading dock when the workers weren’t watching. I kind of miss the smell of cheap beer brewing in the morning…

  2. It just might be possible that the building at left is the existing Powell’s building. It’s been heavily remodeled, if so, but the trusses, etc. inside are pretty old, and might date to 1920. The windows and exterior brickwork would be covered and/or removed for this to be true.

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