NW 16th & Overton, 1921

A few of the buildings shown here looking south on NW 16th from Overton still remain; the brick A.G. Long building, the present-day Slabtown building and the Bjelland Apartments at Lovejoy. And I have a feeling all those rails and cobblestones are still under 16th Avenue’s surface today.

(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “NW 16th & Overton, 1921

  1. Some of the City of Portland vehicles today, look worse than this one parked on 16th! Just south of slabtown is the old Portland police horse stable for their mounted patrol, now Radio Cab Co. on 16th and Lovejoy. also 16th is a one way southbound street now. you can see cars parked northbound on the left, as well as trolley tracks on the east side of the 16th.

  2. I like these everyday pictures that just show street-life of the day, with no particular focus on a landmark building or event.

    I wonder how many everyday photos our current era will leave, since many just delete their digital photos which don’t show something interesting.

    Looking at old family photos that were “mistakes” but which show something we had forgotten about.

  3. My thoughts, too, Elliott. I, too, love these everyday photos of nothing in particular that just show a common scene from a certain era.

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