Restroom Ventilator, 1912

Another view of the comfort station ventilator shown yesterday, this time from the opposite direction. The women’s entrance is on the right, men’s  entrance on the left and Pioneer Courthouse is the backdrop. Except for the ventilator’s position (and lack of iron fence on the wall), this scene has changed very little in 99 years.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

11 thoughts on “Restroom Ventilator, 1912

  1. @James: 🙂

    A person would be placing his own backside in jeopardy depending on which fountain he used. I wonder how many times the ventilator had to be repaired after being hit by a wagon, trolley or car?

  2. I wonder what color it originally was- the blue that it is today seems unlikely. I am betting on black. It is a shame, but to be expected, that no money to restore the fountains was allocated in the transit mall project.

  3. Dan,

    Lance, in yesterday’s post, mentioned the current blue color is likely in keeping with the original mall color scheme. It’s the same blue the lamp-posts and bus signs were painted.

    Dan Davis’ new photo from the post showing the interior of the women’s room may hold a clue as to the original color. The inner wall in the photograph is a cream-white. Almost marble in color. This color may or may not be original to the inner or outer walls though. Just my speculation.

    One other note, the finial and “gothic window” arches in the surviving grill work are gilded. I DON’T think that was part of the color scheme of the original mall, and is in keeping with the style of the period.

  4. My memory for the small things isn’t so great but I seem to remember this structure as being green.

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