Burnside Trolley Barn, c1980

This nice old brick trolley car barn is one of two that stood side-by-side between E. Burnside and NE Couch just west of NE 28th Avenue. It’s unknown when the eastern building was torn down but this one is still in use as an office building. They were part of the Portland Traction Company’s car barn and “trackless trolley bus yard” complex. This view is from Burnside looking north.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

9 thoughts on “Burnside Trolley Barn, c1980

  1. Yes. I was just up there the other day. Looks… sort of the same but quite different! If that make any sense…


  2. Thank you! I was just reading a book on the history of Portland street cars and traction and this Trolley barn was mentioned. It’s odd that the brickwork in this picture looks like a yellowish buff color, but when you look at from Google street view the bricks are a more usual red. Could they have stained the brickwork a different color as part of their renovation?

  3. I saw the brickwork much more clearly when I clicked on the pic to enlarge it. Once I did that, it became obvious that the bricks apparent color was a trick-of-the-light, and sun angle. They probably re-sealed the bricks and that makes them darker.

  4. Glad this building didn’t get torn down, looks like it could have been a candidate if it were in this condition for a while. I’ve always liked that building and would walk by it every day when I lived over there for a while.

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