4th Street Extension – Part 2, 1932

This is another view of the 4th Street/Barbur Blvd. construction we saw yesterday. The photographer was probably standing on the Sheridan Street sidewalk at the extreme left of yesterday’s photo, facing south. The houses in the distant right are the shacks in yesterday’s foreground. The dump truck at center gives a good idea of the scale, and the number of loads, that were needed to fill this area.

(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “4th Street Extension – Part 2, 1932

  1. Another great photo Dan. A couple of things to point out. Behind the group of men on the left you can see a series of houses in the background. It looks like those houses are still standing after looking up SW Meade via Google Streetview. The other thing is that there appears to be some sort of trestle/truss bridge near what is Lair Hill Park. I know the park area use to be the site of the County Hospital but I didn’t realize that the gully went further east towards the river.

  2. Wow, quite a job. Kind of like filling a pothole with a tea spoon. That is an incredible amount of fill. Judging from the crushed rock, I wonder if the fill came from the west hills. I know that a lot of the fill in NW was from the terracing of the hills near there from the housing development. But in 1932 not much lot development must have been going on. Does anyone know if there were any other major road or construction projects going on near there?

  3. Mike,

    A lot of fill also came from dredging the Willamette to deepen the shipping channels. Much of Guild’s lake was filled with dredge material from the river in the years after the Lewis & Clark Exposition as well as material from west hills development.

    Of course, there is also the Ross Island Sand & Gravel Company which began business in 1926 (according to the records of the Oregon Secretary of State). There is a possibility they might have provided fill material as well.

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