Harbor Drive & SW Jefferson, 1949

Sit in this spot on the Fourth of July weekend this year and you’ll be enjoying the Waterfront Blues Festival, but in 1949 you were dodging traffic. This is Harbor Drive at the foot of SW Jefferson, looking north to the Hawthorne Bridge.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “Harbor Drive & SW Jefferson, 1949

  1. That is Harbor Drive with the Hawthorne Bridge in the background. You can also see the Journal Building, which was previously the Public Market. The caption is incorrect that you are looking north from Lincoln. The fact that the bridge is going over the river to the right and that Lincoln St is north of the Hawthorne Bridge means one is looking to the south. Just wanted to correct the record. Thanks for posting a memento of Portland history.

  2. Patrick, I’m afraid your correction needs some correcting as the original post (caption) is actually correct.

    The photo is, as it says, from Jefferson St., not Lincoln (actually I’d put it slightly south of Jefferson as you can see the turn onto Jefferson St. in the photo) clearly looking NORTH at the Hawthorne Bridge.

    Besides, Lincoln St. is most definitely south of the Hawthorne Bridge (though this photo is not from or near Lincoln Street so it’s irrelevant).

    I thing you probably just got your north and south backwards. 🙂

  3. Brian…

    Ah yes indeed, we ARE looking north. No question about it! Harbor Drive was one of the most congested areas in town during the morning and especially the evening rush hour and it seemed to take forever to make it from one end to the other…no matter which way you were going! I even learned that the word congested had two different meanings when I was a kid. When I was sick, my mother used to say that, when I had a cold, I was all congested. My dad used to say that the reason he was a bit late getting home was because Harbor Drive was so heavily congested that evening! While he didn’t specifically use the term “heavily”, he did make his point! I learned quite a number of single and compound words as a result of that thoroughfare, and even got to spend my share of time held up in all that “heavily” congested traffic.


  4. I remember once you got past Harbor drive, it was unusual to have any traffic problems on the Banfield. Unless there was a accident.

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