Swetland Building, 1906

The steel frame of the Swetland Building was just going up when this nice illustration of the finished project was printed in The Oregonian, August 5, 1096. The building is still a beauty on the southeast corner of SW 5th and Washington downtown.

(The Oregonian. Retrieved from http://infoweb.newsbank.com)

2 thoughts on “Swetland Building, 1906

  1. According to the newspaper article, this buidling replaces some “shacks” that stood on this spot across the street from the Perkins Hotel. Here is the link to Dan’s previous post showing this area in Panorama in 1892:

    Dan Haneckow’s recent Cafe Unknown post suggests that one of these “shacks” was Madame Flora’s establishment.


  2. Jim, good call on the panorama photo. You can see those shacks at bottom center. The Golden Cow atop the Perkins Hotel just across Washington Street appears to be gazing down at the shacks.

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