W Burnside & SW 8th, 1928

This is a 1928 photo of the southeast corner of W Burnside and SW 8th Avenue. During the Burnside widening project in the early 1930s, this building lost approximately 20 feet from its Burnside face (on the left), leaving just one window panel in that first bay. It was built in 1910 as the Lowengart Building, renamed the Rothchild Building in 1934, and it’s now known as the Mark O. Hatfield Building. The Sunset Tire Co. would eventually move a block east to the site of the former Scott Hotel (see yesterday’s post comments).

(City of Portland Archives)

Hotel Scott, 1928

The Hotel Scott (or New Scott Hotel, depending on which sign you look at) was on the southeast corner of SW Broadway at Burnside in 1928. The building just visible on the far right is the parking structure that still stands at Broadway and Pine. Note the inelegantly wired electric traffic signal on the corner. Also note the person in the second story window, just above the signal, who seems to be looking right at the photographer.

(City of Portland Archives)

SW Broadway at Night, 1935

Friday night and this city is jumping! Looking north on SW Broadway toward SW Madison, Portland’s brightly lit theater signs are on display; Paramount, Broadway, Orpheum, and Mayfair.

(City of Portland Archives)

Sahr’s Fountain & Restaurant, 1959

Sahr’s opened in June of 1958 with a “happy, contemporary motif with bright and gay colors” according to The Oregonian. It was located on the southeast corner of SW 18th and Jefferson in Goose Hollow (here looking southeast). Owners George Sahr and Henry W. Walther sold the restaurant to Denny’s in September of 1968.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

Eugene Blazier House, c.1910

The Eugene Blazier house once stood on the southwest corner of NE 17th and Wasco Streets. For $20,000, the owner got a 24×28 foot living room, mahogany, silk tapestry and leather walls, and built-in china closets, among other niceties. The home included two rooms for servants and a billiard room on the top floor. It was demolished in the mid-1970s.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

Lenox Hotel, 1910

An earlier post showed the Lenox Hotel near the end of its life in 1980. This photo shows it just four years after its 1906 construction. This is the southeast corner of SW 3rd and Main

(Library of Congress)

SW 4th-SW Arthur Undercrossing, 1958

This appears to be an artists depiction of a proposed extention of SW 6th Avenue, with an undercrossing under 4th Avenue, connecting to Arthur Street. This scheme never materialized, but a few years later I-405 would cut across the upper right portion of this area. Duniway Park is at lower left. Here is a similar view from the same year, but without as much detail.

(City of Portland Archives)