1115 SW Market, 1955

This Victorian Italianate house was on the north side of SW Market Street between SW 11th and 12th Avenues. This building, and the wood frame buildings behind and to its right, are no longer in existence; the site is a parking lot. The brick apartment house in the left background is still standing.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

5 thoughts on “1115 SW Market, 1955

  1. When was this torn down? There were a number of old houses around PSU around the time I started college in the fall of 1967. I think this was one of them.

  2. Hey! I really like your blog!
    I think old buildings are many times more beautiful than a shiny brand new one. There’s something about something with a past that is just amazing.

  3. This house was probably built in the mid-1870’s when the Italianate style was
    in its heyday in Portland. The house and surrounding frame residences were probably demolished in the mid-1960s when the nearby I-405 and Sunset Highway connectors were built.
    There was an “urban renewal” fervor at that time that determined anything old was useless, and only new and modern was good. This house stood for nearly 90 years; much longer than many fancier and newer houses built in Northwest Portland.

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