Hotel Scott, 1928

The Hotel Scott (or New Scott Hotel, depending on which sign you look at) was on the southeast corner of SW Broadway at Burnside in 1928. The building just visible on the far right is the parking structure that still stands at Broadway and Pine. Note the inelegantly wired electric traffic signal on the corner. Also note the person in the second story window, just above the signal, who seems to be looking right at the photographer.

(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “Hotel Scott, 1928

  1. You can actually see it in the process of being demolished in this photo, very far left. Its top two floors had been removed but what remains, doorways, window layouts, etc., match the full hotel photo.

    The referenced photo’s date is incorrect, it probably should have been “circa” 1933. An item in The Oregonian dated 3/18/1931 states that, “The Sunset Tire corporation has leased the block bounded by Broadway, Burnside, Pine and Sixth streets, formerly site of the Commonwealth and New Scott Hotel buildings, and is shortly to erect a super-service station of the latest type.” So by 1931 the New Scott Hotel was gone.

    You can see just a bit of the Scott Hotel in this Commonwealth Building photo too:

  2. I am now keeping a list of building AKA’s so I can cross reference my photos (or other people’s that I see). Some of them had more names than a Cold War spy.

  3. I’ll dig though my photos in the next day or two, I have some photos taken in 1938 of the Flying A service station that is on the site of the Hotel Scott.

  4. An interesting twist to the date question here is that the Broadway Cafeteria windows say “Beer on Draught”. Since Prohibition didn’t end until late 1933, what beer were they serving in 1928?

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