Sahr’s Fountain & Restaurant, 1959

Sahr’s opened in June of 1958 with a “happy, contemporary motif with bright and gay colors” according to The Oregonian. It was located on the southeast corner of SW 18th and Jefferson in Goose Hollow (here looking southeast). Owners George Sahr and Henry W. Walther sold the restaurant to Denny’s in September of 1968.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

7 thoughts on “Sahr’s Fountain & Restaurant, 1959

  1. One of the brick buildings in the background appears to be the pre-remodel Grand View Apartments on 14th. I can’t tell which one.

  2. I love how you can just barely make out the back of the outline of the US 26 sign on the lefthand side of Jefferson. It’s a shame that ODOT doesn’t use the cutout US highway signs like Caltrans does; they just look so much more attractive.

  3. I lived in an apartment at 14th and Columbia when I went to Lincoln in 1957. Sahr’s was down on 18th and Jefferson This was before Hwy 405 and I could see all the Coast traffic coming by.

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