SW 4th-SW Arthur Undercrossing, 1958

This appears to be an artists depiction of a proposed extention of SW 6th Avenue, with an undercrossing under 4th Avenue, connecting to Arthur Street. This scheme never materialized, but a few years later I-405 would cut across the upper right portion of this area. Duniway Park is at lower left. Here is a similar view from the same year, but without as much detail.

(City of Portland Archives)

4 thoughts on “SW 4th-SW Arthur Undercrossing, 1958

  1. I’m not usually into any idea for roads that came out of the 50s, but that might have actually made traffic in that part of town better. All the twists and turns along Kelly/Arthur/Sheridan/Caruthers between the Ross Island Bridge and 405 make traffic terrible during rush hour. Add to that the limited space for merging at the top of the hill and it takes forever to get through there. Many times I have imagined a straight route directly between the bridge to the highway. Of course, the last thing that area needs is to have its roads torn up and rebuilt again.

  2. Oooh, I like the house that is center top on the right side of the freeway curve on what must be 5th. Cool house. I have lived in Portland, off and on, for a total of about 50 years and the traffic flow down in that area has never been good. I wonder if it was any better in, say, 1880.

  3. Looks like the 3rd bldg north of the 5th & Sheridan intersection on the east side and the 2nd bldg east of the intersection x from the park might still be there, slightly remodeled.

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