SE Foster & 72nd, 1937

Last year we looked at the intersection of SE Foster Road and 72nd Avenue in 1937. The photographer probably snapped this photo, looking west this time, during the same shoot. Traffic and parking didn’t seem to be big issues back then.

(City of Portland Archives)

12 thoughts on “SE Foster & 72nd, 1937

  1. Win a free Richfield Limerick Blank. Just in time for St. Paddy’s day.

    Now, if someone could just tell me what a Limerick Blank is/was.

  2. I think the Limerick blank was a piece of the Limerick you got free and put it in a book. When you collected enough to fill your book, you got a prize. From back in the days when oil companies valued loyalty to their brand. I have a collection of lots of little give away items the stations used to give out back in the 1930’s. Maps, baseball score pads, football “dope” books, bridge and canasta booklets, recipe books, match books and ashtrays (goes well with gasoline!) pens, pocket calendars and lots more. Truly a different time…

  3. Remember the tags lines? You can trust your car to the man who wears a star? And the Flying A horse, wasn’t he Atlantic-Richfield?
    I still have about 10 complete sets of glasses and several ashtrays from the Rocket gas station that used to be on the corner of 47th and Stark across from the NRHP house there. When I was “young”, that house was up for back taxes for $10,000. Gosh I wish I could have come up with that then.

  4. The flying horse I remember is the red pegasus on the Mobil oil, or gas signs.
    Did Richfield have a flying horse logo too?

  5. Richfield had an long winged eagle .
    And there was Flying A Service with a winged letter A (not a horse).
    And Mobil had the pegasus (along time ago).

  6. Sorry, apparently my memory is going along with all the old buildings…..I was in CA a couple of years ago and actually ran across a gas station that had a Flying A sign still on it. There is also a very old Texaco, I think, station out on one of the main country roads E of Gresham that has some very old signs still up. Remember when service stations had service?

  7. Thanks for putting up the WB view. Still curious about the parkway thing, and haven’t found out much (see my previous post from the EB view).

  8. Chris – I’m pretty sure the parkway is there. It looks like the end curb is just past the woman about to cross the street and the park benches (far right) are under the trees in the parkway.

  9. I haven’t been thru the area in a year or two but the parkway I think you are talking about was still there then. When I was a teenager we went down it often going to and from the area as it was faster than some of the other surface streets. The angle of Foster made it a “you can’t get there from here” area sort of.

  10. The Flying A sign on SE McLoughlin just north of Tacoma is visible again. For years it was covered by a sign for a hobby shop in the building but that shop is gone, along with their sign. The Flying A sign, nicely weathered after decades in the elements, is visible both north- and southbound.

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