President Eisenhower, 42nd & Prescott, 1956

A bit late for President’s day, this photo shows President Dwight D. Eisenhower passing the intersection of NE 42nd and Prescott in 1956. The little grocery building is still on the corner today. Here’s another photo of Ike on that same campaign swing.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “President Eisenhower, 42nd & Prescott, 1956

  1. I have vivid memories of this day. My mom came and got me out of 1st grade at Rose City Park school to hurry down to a spot not far from where this photo was taken and wave at the Great Man as he passed. I was more impressed with the Secret Service agents trotting along side the motorcade in long overcoats and fedoras. Thanks for the great memories!

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  3. Was going to Fernwood school (McCleary now) in 1956, and the classes were led across to Sandy Blvd as Eisenhower’s motorcade came down heading to downtown. it was all very exciting to go and see and then it was… that all there is? but I still remember and how different it is now.

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