SW Main & 6th, 1936

This 1936 photo looks west on SW Main Street from 6th Avenue. The Broadway Theater is just behind the Mobilgas billboard, and the old Masonic Temple Building, now the Mark Building and part of the Portland Art Museum, is in the left distance.

(City of Portland Archives)

2 thoughts on “SW Main & 6th, 1936

  1. Something seemed a little unusual in this photo, then I noticed…The cars are all clean! And it’s winter in Portland! They must have had a car wash service at the lot in the photo.

  2. I love these photos with candid shots of everyday Portland citizens of the day.

    I imagine the two adolescents, Jake and Timmy, anxiously awaiting their chance to sneak into the movies using the Broadway’s back entrance.

    In the meantime their efforts are currently thwarted by Mr. Lowell returning to his car carrying either law books from his office or new reading material the from the library a couple of blocks away.

    Also adding to their risk is Mildred awaiting her husband Harold, who is contentiously and frustratingly attempting to get the car out of the warren of autos in the parking lot without inadvertently scraping some stranger’s car. The driverless car parked in the entry being a testament to the lot owner’s use of every last available space to his best advantage.

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