Sterling Motors, mid-1940s

Pat MacPhail sends this photo of the Sterling Motors Corporation which was located at 721 SE Yamhill Street. The building still exists and is the home of Gilbertson’s Machine Shop. The tall building peeking over the roof is the well known Weatherly Building, still standing at SE MLK (then Union) Grand and Morrison.

(Pat MacPhail)


6 thoughts on “Sterling Motors, mid-1940s

  1. Totally love this site! Do you think any pictures exist of Portland Jeep. It was at 1505 E Burnside. Thanks for the awesome blog.

  2. Love it! Lifelong Portlanders regularly got Grand and Union mixed up and renaming one of them MLK (scratch head while trying to remember which one) just added to the comedy.

  3. I know a little about West Coast Fast Freight.. Matthew :”BUD” Stewart started the company … he was my uncle. I could tell a lot of stories about Bud and how he operated. Frank Sengstock, Seattle, Washington.

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