NW 23rd & Marshall, 1910

Good Samaritan Hospital has been a fixture at NW 23rd & Marshall for over a century. Although these buildings have long since been replaced, brick is still the exterior material of choice. And the streetcar once again rolls up 23rd.

(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “NW 23rd & Marshall, 1910

  1. Thanks for posting. This is actually 23rd and Marshall. Then (ca 1910) Marshall went all the way thru. I happen to be an employee 😉

  2. Mike, you are right of course. I even had the Sanborn map to help me but I had a brain disconnect somewhere. I’ve changed the post title and description accordingly. Thanks for the sharp eye!

  3. This might have been the maternity hospital when I was a Med Tech student at Good Sam in 1966. There was a tunnel that went from the main hospital to this building. Kind of creepy at night but at least we didn’t have to go out into the rain.

  4. My daughter was born at Good Sam in 1963. I recall the maternity operation was semi-separate from the rest of Good Sam and was known as Harvey Wilcox Maternity Hospital or something like that.

  5. I was Born at Wicox Memorial on October 24th 1957! Is there some kind of an Birth Alumni List anywhere? Thanks, Kimberley Speer- Miller

  6. As with Chris and kimberly I am looking for a photo of Wilcox Memorial (circa 1950s 1960s) as my birth certificate shows there but I’ve never been able to find it in Portland Oregon. Does anyone have a photo they can post?

  7. According to my mother, my brother and I were born there in 1967. Did it become part of the existing hospital? Are portions of it still in use?

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