SW Stark Street, 1949

This view of SW Stark Street is looking east between 6th (to our backs) and 5th Avenues. Traffic is one way these days and the Loeb Building is now a parking lot (and a food cart nexus).

(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “SW Stark Street, 1949

  1. So that’s what Portland looked like the year I was born. I’m an antique! Is the Gills sign for JK Gills? I bought all of my art supplies there when I was in college.

  2. The Oregon Trail building that houses the now defunct Ben Franklin savings and loan has been given a good scrubbing and is now as shiny as a Liberty $20 gold piece. 🙂 The building the houses Gill’s recently received a beautiful new paint scheme that preserves its historical context, while the building just east of the Loeb building appears to have been modernized to the point of near unrecognizability. Love the food carts and the quirky ambiance they bring to this corner.

    Ben Franklin’s S&L was one of the banks involved in the S&L scandals of the late 80s. It maintained a branch in the Oregon Trail (aka Lumbermens) building until it closed its doors as a result of the scandal.

  3. BD,

    You’re correct. Oregon Pioneer was the bank on the right. It’s now Bank of the West. Ben Franklin is on the left.

  4. It’s unfortunate…3 sizeable business in this picture are gone. Ben Franklin, JK Gill and Oregon Pioneer Savings.

  5. My father, Charles A. Welton, worked for JK Gills as business and credit manager from the mid 40’s until his retirement in 1978. His office was located on the 5th floor and I remember so well watching many rose festival parades, as a child, from that 5th floor office.

  6. Never saw this picture until today (10/1/2015). My dad was Dr. V. V. Shaull, sign on the right 2nd story of the Loeb Building. The V.V. stood for Verl Valentine.

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