W Burnside & 21st, 1953

Astute VP followers zeroed in on the distant white building with arches in yesterday’s post. Opened in 1926 as DeHoney’s Ballroom, it reopened in 1936 as the Uptown Ballroom, as seen in yesterday’s image. It was sold and had a grand opening as the renamed Palais Royale in October 1943. It held its last dance New Years Eve 1962 and was demolished the next month. With the exception of the ballroom, this 1953 photo is not much different from what you’d see today.

(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “W Burnside & 21st, 1953

  1. Ah, now I can join everyone else and say I see a building I once lived in! At least, I’m about 96% sure?

    About three blocks down on the north side of Burnside, the four-story building with the “Chop Suey” sign, is (I’m pretty sure?) today The Abbey, an SRO at NW 22nd Place & Burnside. Pizza and Thai places on the ground floor today, as well. I lived there for five weeks about four years back when I was between places. The experience was an interesting one…

  2. I’ll bet it was “interesting” Jay. I briefly dated someone who lived in the building across 22nd place, The Victorian. Briefly, because they turned out to be a thief. The one time I visited this person, I discovered the neighbor down the hall was a former roommate who had ripped me off with the rent about six months prior. Go figure, eh?

    Ah, the follies of being young and the only job-holding (mostly) responsible member of one’s peer group. I’m a bit more discerning about whom I choose to befriend these days.

    The Victorian has since been nicely restored, and I think, renamed. The Abbey I don’t think has changed much. I loved Oasis Pizza back in the day, tho.

  3. Love these photos of NW Portland! Do you have any around Good Samaritan Hospital from the turn of the century?

  4. The best part of the Abbey was the ancient elevator. I absolutely loved that thing. I’m someone who always skips the elevator for stairs whenever possible, but never there. I miss that elevator!

    The worst part was… the shared bathrooms on each floor. I don’t want to talk or think much about those. Heh.

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