SE Stark & 28th, 1937

Incredibly, both the Texaco and the Firestone buildings still stand on the southeast corner of SE Stark & 28th, although one is now a coffee shop, the other a quickie mart. The large building looming in the distance is the Sisters of Mercy Home for the Aged, now Laurelhurst Village.

(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “SE Stark & 28th, 1937

  1. So that would put Lone Fir Cemetery just out of view to the right and Central Catholic out of view to the left. When I was a student at CC in the mid-90s, I heard a story about graves being moved to make room for the school, although not all were located and moved and so some years later excavators digging to make room for the school’s newer cafeteria made some grisly finds. Can’t vouch for the veracity, but does make for an interesting story.

  2. Hey, I just drove by there before lunch today. I love the little Texaco station/coffee shop. I’ve seen this photo before and always wondered if the spot where the Mobilgas sign is located is where the PGE substation is now. The perspective of the shot makes it a little hard to tell. I have wandered around the area to try and figure it out. Wasn’t there some controversy about PGE wanting to expand this substation? Trivia question: Does any one out there know where the other adobe style former Texaco station is in Portland? It is still standing…for now.

  3. It sure looks like that’s where the Mobilgas station was in this picture. Unfortunately, while the Texaco station is there in the 1950 Sanborn, the lot beyond is blank in both 1928 and 1950, the two Sanborns that are online. Did the Mobil station appear and disappear between those dates, or did Sanborn miss updating that site?

    The Sanborns indeed show a Catholic Cemetery on the current site of Central Catholic in 1928. The 1950 map has some school buildings on the west edge, with the Catholic Cemetery lettering still visible.

  4. Possible answer to Mike’s Trivia question: I was driving down NE Glisan when I saw, what looked like to me, an adobe style mechanic shop. From the way the corner building was shaped gave me the impression that it could have once been a gas station. Here’s the google street view:,+OR&,+Portland,+OR+97213&gl=us&ei=P6I9TeX9LY3EsAPZkczGAw&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBYQ8gEwAA

  5. whoops sorry, wrong link, but here is the address, in case you want to enter it in google: 6901 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97213

  6. Oblique Coffee on 30th and Stark has a great old photograph in of their building (the restored 1891 Landauer Grocery) with the Sisters of Mercy Home for the Aged in the background. It’s a killer one of a kind image that was in the building when the owners bought it. It’s near their espresso machine on a column. Check it out!

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