West End Ross Island Bridge, 1952

Finishing the year at a Vintage Portland fan favorite spot, the west end of the Ross Island Bridge, circa 1952. This view, looking southwest, shows what appears to be newly installed on- and off-ramps and connectors to Harbor Drive at the top. All the houses at the bottom of the photo are gone, as are all but four immediately beyond Failing School at right-center. I-5 now cuts along the bottom left corner. Compare with this view of the same area from 20 years earlier.

(City of Portland Archives)

3 thoughts on “West End Ross Island Bridge, 1952

  1. And there’s another view in this picture of the house that was rotated 90 degrees. Now what can you tell us about Front/Naito/Harbor being widened and when the pedestrian overpass at Failing School/NCNM was put up?

  2. I went to school and worked for Adult Education at PCC’s Failing Campus around 1967-1970. It looked just like it does in this photo. I think most of the houses across the street were standing then, too.

  3. The 4 houses x from the school (Failing?) and directly south of the bridge road are still there, I can see them in an aerial photo I took from the U of O tram earlier this year.

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