N Interstate & Lombard, 1956

The Fred Meyer store and two gas stations still anchor corners at the intersection of N. Interstate and Lombard Street as they did in 1956, but the photographer whould now be standing in the middle of the Max tracks headed toward the Expo Center.

(City of Portland Archives)

8 thoughts on “N Interstate & Lombard, 1956

  1. Good one. I’m at this intersection at least three times a week these days, N. Lombard Transit Center on the 75 bus coming home from St. Johns.

    The NE corner is still a gas station, the SW is one today as well. NW is the Catholic School (the houses in the photo are gone, that area is now a soccer field) and on the SE corner a strip mall comes out to the sidewalk as part of the Fred Meyer plaza there.

    I can’t tell from Google Maps, I have to check next time I’m up that way today or tomorrow to see if that service building of the gas station on the NE corner is the same one as in this picture. I think it is.

    Is this the first picture ever posted here where there are actually MORE gas stations today than there were then?


  2. Oh, ha. I should not post before coffee. I see there are two gas stations in this picture, as well. Well, the gas stations have more “capacity” today, I guess we could say…

  3. Jay – I believe those houses are still there. Check N. Russet St, north of the soccer fields. The telephoto effect makes them look like they are on the corner of Lombard but I think they are another block back.

  4. Oh, thanks.

    Yeah, I noted the houses on Russet but wow, if that one house (the last one you can fully see on the left) is a whole block back that’s quite a camera distortion!

  5. I recall reading a couple decades ago, that there were something like 35 gas station on SE Hawthorne between 39th and Union av. At the time I read this there was one independent station left around 35th or so.

    39th and Union av are gone too.

    There was a time when we had them at every major intersection in town, sometime on all 4 corners.

  6. The houses are still there…the Kenton School just to the left of the photo is now De La Salle North Catholic High School. The intersection looks significantly different now and is a pretty active area during the day.

  7. Thanks for posting this – I moved to the neighborhood in the middle of the MAX/FM construction and didn’t have a clear memory of how it looked before.

    Either the NE gas station (Toad’s Astro!) is totally different or has had a major re-work since this picture.

    And if I’m not mistaken, there’s another Texaco star visible in the distance.

    Also of note, the electric bus lines turning left onto Lombard.

  8. 1957, We lived behind Fred Meyer’s, which is now the fire station….I remember the grand opening, the band played there. I cant remember the band name, but they became very popular from portland. Any one remember the band name? I want to say Beach Boys, but that doesnt sound right.

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