SW 2nd Avenue, 1958

This stretch of SW 2nd Avenue, where it crosses SW Taylor, was dominated by parking lots in 1958. World Trade Center Building 1 would rise on this lot on the immediate right. The Strowbridge Building can be seen in the right distance on SW Yamhill Street.

(City of Portland Archives)

3 thoughts on “SW 2nd Avenue, 1958

  1. Boy, everyone was a Chevron dealer back then! Nowadays it’s hard to even find a gas station downtown.

    Several familiar names here(and 3 furniture stores!): Director, Gevurtz, Union Gospel Mission, and the ubiquitous Columbia Empire Meat Market truck.

  2. The majority of downtown parking lots were APCOA parking lots (Airport Parking Company Of America) and their contract was with Chevron/Standard exclusively. Their main offices were located on SW Broadway, just steps away from Burnside.

  3. Dang! I want to see the building on the other side of 2nd! (To the left off-picture.) I want to see an old picture of 915 SW 2nd Ave when it was newer, before it became the ramshackle moss-overgrown structure it is now, with half its windows bricked up.

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