5th & Yamhill Food Market, 1975

Continuing down SW 5th from our previous two posts, we cross SW Yamhill street to see the 5th & Yamhill Food Market as it looked in 1975. As with the Corbett and Goodnough buildings, this was replaced by the Pioneer Place complex. I doubt anybody misses this sad little corner.

(City of Portland Archives)

21 thoughts on “5th & Yamhill Food Market, 1975

  1. Thanks for this post Dan. If I remember correctly, when I moved to Portland in 1986, I don’t think the market was still doing business. I think the building may have been abandoned by that point. From this picture, the market appears vaguely similar to Seattle’s Pike Place (open air, fresh produce, etc.).

    Is that a *gasp* pigeon-hole parking structure behind the market? I don’t remember that at all! Then again, it was the 80s. There’s a lot I don’t remember.

  2. I think it would be great to have a public market on the ground floor of the New Market building and put it back to its original use. The last time I walked by, it looked like it had been turned into a cube farm. I hope the marble countered stalls remain. The proximity to Saturday Market would provide “old school” one stop shopping.

  3. So many good options out there, and it just isn’t coming together for some reason. A few buildings over by the New Market block, along with the old Federal Building on Broadway across from Union Station, the Morrison Bridgehead site (which I think is still a possibility), Union Station itself…

    I could imagine something in the middle ground between Pike Place and the SF Ferry Plaza market, with some unique Portlandia (indoor food cart court!) of course. All our great chefs, farmers, cheesemakers (blessed are they, heh), winemakers, brewers, ranchers and butchers and charcutiers. We need a home!


  4. I believe that Dave’s Deli was located there for a number of years, before Abe & Shirley moved it to the newly-built Justice Center in the mid-’80s. I was an east coast transplant at the time, and I really appreciated finding a real Kosher deli.

  5. This location is possibly historical for being the first Fred Meyer store. It was on one corner of 5th and Yamhill in 1922.

  6. If you look at the pictures of the fist Fred Meyer store on the companies web site. You will see the same 3 windows on the Yamhill side of the corner.

  7. That isn’t Dave’s Deli. Dave’s was in a building on the northeast corner of 5th and Yamhill. The pictured produce market (which wasn’t “sad” at all) was on the southeast corner.

  8. It’s interesting that I stumble upon this page because I was looking for information on the alleged return of the Portland Food Market! I guess more people missed it than we thought.

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  10. This was my family’s market my grandfather his brother and sisters owned this and many generations got to work there including me. It was sad when ur had to close. I also worked at the distribution center in Clackamas for pacific seafood which now one of my uncles works for. It was awesome to find this picture. Figini Bros. Closed a year later in 1976. The first Fred Meyers was more on yamhill towards 6th

  11. Does anyone remember the name of the cookie bakery at the 1980’s Yamhill Market?? I think it may have been by the fresh pasta place (ground floor)? Their chocolate chip cookies were very dense and delicious – I’ve tried to duplicate them without success. I still get a craving every now and then for them after all these years!

  12. I just realized that it includes the statement “I doubt anybody misses this sad little corner”. Lots of people miss this corner. I get that I am family who owned that market there for decades, now I live in Sacramento and people who once lived in Portland remember this market and the fish market that was there fondly. It was great that Tri met would stop up at the next block and people would walk by and just buy an apple or banana on their way to where ever. For the family this corner holds some amazing memories, including the rose festival going by there, it was once part of the parade route. I am not sure what is there now, I know Saks moved awhile ago, but it is a corner of Portland that I could not be more proud to say “that was where my grandfathers produce market was and I got to sell apples there” I learned how to count change there by the time I was 9 and was on the news when the store closed in 1976 thanks to the transit mall that came in back then.

  13. Oh cool lol that is ironic! Love it! Last I saw that corner just over a year ago lots of construction going on there. Will have to check it out when I am back up there

  14. The Fred Meyer was on the first floor of the Corbett Bldg. the Eve’s restaurant was on the mezzanine overlooking the store.

  15. Heidi, yes I also think back on that cookie bakery from time to time! Like you said I remember they were very dense and very moist, like they were almost undercooked, but not. They were perfect. They are still my absolute favorite of all time. I wish someone could provide a recipe!

  16. “In 1922, Mr. Meyer opened the first Fred Meyer store in Portland at the corner of SW 5th & Yamhill” From the Fred Meyer website.

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