SE 82nd & Foster, 1937

One notable feature of this photo looking south on SE 82nd Avenue at Foster Road is the lack of traffic on 82nd. The little “Coney Island Sandwiches” building on the southwest corner was only recently removed.

(City of Portland Archives)

10 thoughts on “SE 82nd & Foster, 1937

  1. Was the little Coney Island sandwiches building later the LaRog Jewelers with the giant rotating diamond on top?
    Does that make the Piggly Wiggly Tom Peterson’s?

  2. Larisa, Yes that was the LaRog store and the Piggly-Wiggly ended up as Tom Petersons. This was my old homeland. If you look just south of the Safeway you will see the “Eat-Drink” sign. When I was a kid in the late fifties, early sixties that little building housed “X-L Donuts”. They had pretty good homemade donuts.

  3. Thanks Chris! My grandparents moved to that neighborhood from the SE Woodstock area in the mid-1960’s, so it was a familiar location of my childhood and youth as well.
    I loved the spinning mirror diamond.
    Were the “X-L Donuts” extra large, or were they just supposed to be excellent?

  4. I think their donuts were small by modern donut standards, so I think they were going for excellence in donut crafting. I checked Google maps and it looks like a Taco place is there today. Nice to see someone is still hand-making food there today.

  5. I remember this intersection having a Fred Meyer (first version of store opened 11/29/1940), a Safeway (8/18/1969-5/13/2005) and an Arctic Circle (1974-1993).

    I would like to ask you all here if you have any 1970s and ’80s photos of this particular intersection?

    ~Ben Edge

  6. I worked at XL Donuts in the 50s. It was owned by Joe Lundsford who was a pioneer in donut machinery..He invented an automatic machine that made raised donuts and sold several of them around the country. The donuts were the same size as they are today, and the XL was for EXcellence. He sold more donuts in the fities than you can imagine, even but today’s standards. After High school I opened Hagen’s Donuts on 22nd and Sandy..Those were good days…

  7. Piggly Wiggly Sat between Reedway and Ellis on 82nd. Merhar’s sat along side Piggly Wiggly and faced Reedway St. XL Donuts Sat across Reedway from Merhars. My folks lived on Reedway right behind XL. Tom Peterson’s went in on 82 & Foster where Sprouse-Ritz the Dime store was. In the 50’s the bank Sat on the NE corner of Foster & 82nd, and Fred Meyer Sat on the NW corner of 82 & Foster, LaRog’s was across Foster on the SW corner, the Dime store, dry cleaner and western ware store occupied an “L” shaped building and shared a parking lot with LaRog’ s.

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