Stadium Tavern, 1949

The Stadium Tavern at West Burnside and NW 19th Street suffered a fire in 1949, putting it, and most likely its neighbors, out of business. A McDonald’s sits on the corner today. The stone wall in the left distance belongs to the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.

(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “Stadium Tavern, 1949

  1. Ironic “for rent” sign in the establishment to the right of the “Hairstyling and Facial Shop.”

    One less bar on this strip couldn’t have made too much of a dent on my experiences in the neighborhood during the mid-to-late 80s.

    Having worked at the old Mexicali Express kitty corner to the current McDonalds, I can’t say I have the same poor assessment for that particular McDonalds as I do for others. They shared the neighborhood bar clientele and took some heat off of us!

  2. I live a block away, and I agree that we don’t need another bar out here. Although the McDonald’s isn’t much of an improvement. I love the trolley tracks running down the middle of the street, and is that a police officer lurking around the corner on 19th st?

  3. Yeah, I noticed that cop slyly peeking out from around the building as well. Wonder what he was up to?

    Nice shot, beautiful building. Only thing missing is a barbershop quartet singing out front!

  4. That makes much more sense why the houses on Couch are butted up so closely. I’d love to see what is across the street, since it’s a parking lot, car wash, and Panda Express. ( I used to live behind the Panda Express for several years in the Belle Court).

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