“225” – Mystery Location

Today’s Mystery Location is one of the few cast-iron success stories in Portland. This building was constructed in 1871 but by 1967, the time of this photo, it had fallen into obvious disrepair. This one escaped the wrecking ball and it’s now nicely restored somewhere in downtown Portland. Not much to go on here so you’ll need to arm yourself with building details to get this one. Happy hunting!

(University of Oregon Libraries)

7 thoughts on ““225” – Mystery Location

  1. Tricky one Dan.

    Hint1: this view is of the LESS ornate side of the building. The first floor doorways and windows on the “main” side of the building are in a different style.

    Hint2: This is one of two wings of the primary building. The other wing was demolished.

  2. This is the south wing of the New Market Theatre block, on Ash. For this style and time period, Hint2 sort of gave it away, for me.

  3. Love this stuff. Before and after. Thanks for shooting that Paul. Always get a great feeling when I’m in that area. Do you know James Marks?

  4. I know James, he and I have similar jobs (but different depts) and we both commute by bike.

    I saw your photo in my RSS reader and knew it was either the old Ankeny theater or the building where the UO PDX campus now resides. This is a great neighborhood for lunchtime walks.

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