5 thoughts on “West Burnside & 10th, 1937

  1. On the right side of the street, just in front of the “Chrysler-Plymouth” awning is a US 30 sign!

    Anyone care to take a guess about the round sign mounted below it? Something something Limit something?

  2. Chris,

    Better books and vintage clothes that cars and beer. Not to denigrate either one, but that’s a dangerous mix.

  3. Tad,

    Looks like it reads “One Hour Limit Parking”.

    It’s amazing to realize that this picture was taken during the Great Depression. Seems bustling in spite of the economic conditions of the day. Lot of later model cars on the road.

  4. My old shop was a block and a half to the left of where the photographer was standing. This area on Burnside and the area to the left in what is now the Pearl District was the Automotive center of Portland up to the early 1990’s- Auto dealers, Body shops, Auto Upholstery, Garages, parts and supplies etc..All gone now except for a couple holdouts. Great photo, one of my favorites!

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