E Burnside & 11th, 1932

This photo looks west on E. Burnside at 11th Avenue, just after the Burnside street widening project. Street patches and new sidewalks and curbing are in evidence. The building on the left is now the Hippo Hardware store. The building beyond it, seen through the arcade, is still standing, as is the commercial building on the north side of the street.

(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “E Burnside & 11th, 1932

  1. I’ve always loved these buildings for their protective overhangs above the sidewalk. Always wondered why there weren’t more buildings like these in Portland considering its rainy climate.

  2. Chuck – not sure if you know, but the “arcades”, as they are called, were not built to protect pedestrians, but rather were carved out of the existing buildings in order to provide space for a sidewalk after the street was widened.

    That said, I agree- I always appreciate awnings when I’m downtown on a rainy day!

  3. I didn’t know that. All this time I thought it was an architect factoring in the climate when he designed them. Smart decision by the owners, tho.

  4. I also love these buildings. Lived at a motel a few blocks from here for a few weeks some years back upon returning to PDX after a (very) brief and ill-fated move down to Oakland. Whenever I’m heading downtown via Burnside I’ll still hop off the bus a bit early just to take the scenic walk through Arcadia and over the bridge…

    Two great eateries at this corner today, Noble Rot and Michael’s Italian Beef.

  5. Thanks for that link, Jay. I had know idea there were so many arcaded buildings at one time. East Burnside really seemed to have been an extension of downtown. Dan really does his homework, doesn’t he.

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