Fire Station 9, 1913

Fire Station 9 is now known as the Historic Belmont Firehouse and still stands at the corner of SE 35th and Belmont. Station 9 was nearly new at the time of this photo; many of Portland’s existing historic firehouses are dated circa 1912. The building is now the home of the Safety Learning Center and Fire Museum and the Jeff Morris Foundation.

(City of Portland Archives)

One thought on “Fire Station 9, 1913

  1. It’d sure be nice to restore those two arched doorway openings, instead of the giant squared-off rollup door that’s there now. And, perhaps that hose tower at the back corner. A portion of it survives, but not that pointed tower roof.

    The house on the right was the Fire Chief’s house when this was the City of East Portland, I believe, and the fire house itself was an earlier wooden structure.

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