SE Hawthorne & Union, 1938

We have seen this intersection before, in a previous Mystery Location post. This view looks east on Hawthorne Blvd. to the upper left, and Union Avenue angles off to the right. There’s lots of great detail in this photo; the gentleman on the fence looks to have his lunch pail, and the man in the doorway of the radiator shop maybe just stepped out for a smoke. Traffic and pedestrians make for a lively scene.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “SE Hawthorne & Union, 1938

  1. Are you sure that isn’t Union running left to right? And I see a woman waiting under the awning of the cleaners, just behind the telephone pole. Looks like she has a great hat.

  2. K – You’re absolutely right. I checked out the Sanborn map and that confirms it. I’ve corrected the posting text to indicate that it is indeed Union Avenue. Good catch!

  3. gotta love how with just about all these old photos, they look so much nicer then versus now. now every street is a sewer for auto traffic and all the small scale urban buildings have been replaced by blank walled mega buildings and drive thrus.

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