SE Foster & 50th, 1937

The intersection of SE Foster at 50th, here looking west on Foster, has changed just a tad since 1937. You can see another view of this intersection, looking south, here.

(City of Portland Archives)

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  1. Heh, yeah it’s changed juuuuuuuuuuuust a little bit.


    This is about 15 blocks from my apartment. There’s a great taco truck two blocks down Foster from here today!

  2. I got a picture of a hamburger joint called “specks” in the approximate location where Burger King is now at the intersection of 50th and foster/powell. If this is truely looking west, the road must have been changed to intercect powell at some point. Could be wrong, but this seems to have to have the aspect of looking East just after the powell/foster interchange at 50th ave. I’m guessing the two-stage stop signal is 52nd. Or were looking south on 52nd ave and the stop signal is 52nd and powell.

    Again, just theory here. If one of you fans can correct me here, I’m listening…er…reading.

  3. This would probably be better labeled “Looking west on Powell Blvd.” It’s at this point Foster Road shoots off to the southeast, just out of camera range to the left. So technically we’re standing in the middle of Powell looking west. If you look at the photo linked from the description, you can better see Powell crossing in the foreground (just in front of the stopped car) and Foster angling off to the left in the distance.

  4. Dan is correct, this is really looking west down Powell with Foster joining from the left, just out of the frame. If you enlarge it you’ll clearly see the two-stage traffic signal at 50th and Powell, and just beyond it, across 50th, is another two-stage traffic signal aimed at about a 45 degree angle (facing down Foster) which would be controlling the traffic entering from Foster (which joins at an angle).

    Chris, you can tell it’s looking west because the shadow from the traffic signal falls to the right, meaning south is to the left.

  5. Roxanne, why of course The Speck was the original KFC. It had been a KFC franchisee since the late 1950s. It became a standard-issue KFC around 1978-80, and as of 2009 is a Taco Time restaurant.

    Burger King is at 5038 SE Powell Blvd., and showed up in 1985.

    Taco Bell was situated at 4933 SE Powell Blvd. since 1992.

    There was also a 7-Eleven at 4908 SE Powell Blvd. which was closed around 1990.

    ~Ben Edge

  6. There was a Shakey’s Pizza Parlor across Foster from Specks Drive In. Last time I drove by it was a tool rental place. Specks,Yaws, TicToc and downtown Portland were the prime cruising places in the 60’s. Specks, Yaws and TicToc all had carhops. I was Head Night Cook in Yaws drive in for two years in from 1970-3.

  7. As a Franklin High graduate (59), I was a “The Speck” regular. Best burgers in Portland, and it was, indeed on the same property where Burger King now serves up Whoppers. That is it sat right in the triangular corner of Powell and Foster. Memory tells me the Shakey’s referred to earlier Had an acute angle front with a corner entry on the SE corner of 52nd & Foster Rd. Great memories, thanks all.

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