NW Lovejoy Ramp, 1938

A lovely old photo of the Lovejoy Street ramp looking east. The Broadway Bridge, Steel Bridge and Union Station are easily identifiable. Most of the ramp is gone now and this vantage point, at about 9th Avenue, is now at ground level where it rises sharply to meet the Broadway ramp. See an aerial view of the ramp here.

(City of Portland Archives)

4 thoughts on “NW Lovejoy Ramp, 1938

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  2. I miss that ramp, but hell, I miss that whole neighborhood the way it USED to be, before all the Nouveau Portlanders came…

  3. I can’t remember how many times our family drove up and down both ramps when we lived in the NW until we moved to the east side in 1967. Like others, I miss this too. I was raised in NW Portland and so many of the buildings I loved are gone. If my parents were still alive they would be as sad as I am. I have only memories.., but I am grateful for those good times as a kid living in the Northwest side Portland.

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