NW 24 & York, 1951

This is a nice slice of industrial northwest Portland circa 1951. It shows NW 24th Avenue looking south from York Street. The buildings in the foreground are mostly still in place today. The first base grandstands of the old Vaughn Street Ballpark can be seen in the distance. The home of the Portland Beavers was razed in 1956.

(City of Portland Archives)

2 thoughts on “NW 24 & York, 1951

  1. Electric Steel Foundry Company, (now ESCO) is still there today, and is a world-wide company. First designed as a streetcar wheel foundry, it had the first electric arc furnace west of the Mississippi, bought and shipped from France by clipper ship. I worked there for 42 years and retired in 2007. Inside the main building, west of the picture you can still see the old bill boards from center ball field on the walls. Up near the ceiling of the core room there are windows, now covered by a wall on one side, but holes in the windows made from home run hits are still clearly visible. The building under the Electric Steel Foundry Company sign in the picture is the maintenance office. The rail road spur still goes off to the right of the picture into the yard under the crane-way.

  2. My father retired from ESCO a decade or so ago. I grew up just two blocks from here. Dad would walk home for lunch (our dinner). I remember them building the wall around the parking lot that is now where the stadium used to be

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