SW Broadway & Columbia, 1950

There was a recent discussion about when Portland adopted a one-way grid downtown. Poncho gave the date of 1950 which is borne out by this photo showing new traffic control devices looking south on SW Broadway at Columbia. The one-way conversion had not been made south of this point. The Hungerford Hotel is now the Regency Apartments, and the Standard gas station only recently met it’s demise; it’s now an empty lot.

(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “SW Broadway & Columbia, 1950

  1. You can see a closeup of the two identical houses (the ones you can barely make out about halfway between “Oregon Art Tile” and Lincoln Hall) here

  2. Thanks for posting that, Jack. It’s a shame to see those old Victorians got torn down. I remember some great old ones on 15th in Irvington that were torn down about the same time.

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  4. Strange… the post office on Clay looks very similar to the building that’s in the photo… I wonder if they simply closed up the ground floor parking garage and ran with it.

  5. Ahh, got it. Well, that makes way more sense. I wonder why they didn’t continue using the original front doors…

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