Howard Cooper Corporation – Mystery Location

Today’s Mystery Location is a nice slice of bustling Portland circa 1937. There’s not much to go on to pinpoint this location; the Howard-Cooper Corporation building still stands but the rest of the landscape is vastly changed. Happy hunting!

(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “Howard Cooper Corporation – Mystery Location

  1. So is that distant hil Mt. Tabor or the West Hills? I’m sure there’s a clue in here somewhere, Dan, but I never pick up on them. My guess would be somewhere in close-in SE.

  2. The street appears to go down a hill, then up a little and then stop. What is at the end of that street? The hills look too big to be Mt. Tabor, so this must be the west side somewhere. Is that Goose Hollow at the bottom of that street? If so, which direction are we looking?

    This mystery is a good one.

  3. This building is at SE 3rd & Hawthorne, isn’t it? If I’m correct, “vastly changed” is an understatement!

  4. Looking west on Hawthorne where Columbia Wheel is in the picture would be where the Clark Center is today.
    Thanks for another great post Dan! This site is one of my favorites, Thanks again for your efforts!

  5. JayinPortland and Chris are absolutely correct. Standing at this vantage point today, just east of MLK (then Union Ave.), you’d have the eastbound ramp from the Hawthorne Bridge passing overhead.

  6. looking at it, that looks like either smoke or dust instead of a geological structure. My guess is about 3rd and Hawthorne before the Hawthorne bridge was built.

  7. The old HCC was on the corner of NE 60th and Gleason Street , then moved to NE 85th on Killingsworth I worked there for seven years.
    If anyone one is looking for things from HCC I have some.

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