N. Broadway & Larrabee, 1937 – Part 2

Earlier we had looked at the busy N. Broadway and Larrabee intersection from 1937. This view is from the same year but a different angle, this time looking south on Larrabee. It seems like a far less busy and a smaller intersection from this vantage point. Today you would be looking at Memorial Coliseum straight down Larrabee and a bit of a view of downtown Portland over the Signal station booth.

You can see this area in a little wider context at the east end of the Broadway Bridge in this photo. At some point, Larrabee became Interstate north of Broadway. Interstate was later routed to the west, under the Broadway Bridge ramp, and this became Larrabee again.

(City of Portland Archives)

3 thoughts on “N. Broadway & Larrabee, 1937 – Part 2

  1. Fascinating as always.

    I see they *really* wanted you to turn right on red here (two signs!).

    So according to the signs, 99w turned right and crossed the Broadway bridge at this point. I wonder what happened at the other end? The only options would be Broadway or Lovejoy, right?

    And what’s with the little hump with two circular holes in it in the street next to the traffic light? Doesn’t look much like a storm drain…

  2. Tad, The bump on the street below the stop sign is a cast metal housing for two glass reflectors. Some still exist on older concrete traffic islands however, they are usually painted over.

    If I recall correctly, southbound on US99W was on SW 6th ave. Check out this picture;


    Once you open the file, look at the lamp post by Rich’s Cigar store.

  3. Is that woman (upper left, back turned, left side of the building) wearing a long coat in 86 degree weather?

    Love the bike!

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