N Jonesmore Street, 1913

Horse teams and hand tools – that’s how streets were built a hundred years ago. NE Jonesmore roughly parallels the north side of I-84 between about 70th and 84th Avenues. It’s been chopped up and buffered from the freeway over the years so the existence of these houses today is in question.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “N Jonesmore Street, 1913

  1. Looks like all these homes are gone, according to Google Satellite Maps. Between 70th & 77th or so, where it becomes Scuyler, looks to be all mid-century homes and a few garden apartment complexes; while from 82nd to 84th it’s the Days Inn just across from NE 82nd Avenue MAX.

    Although of course many homes of this style still exist all over the city, including many in my own neighborhood. The things they’ve seen over the years, eh? If only homes could talk… 😉

  2. What’s your neighborhood, Jay, if you don’t mind my asking? I live in San Francisco so I can’t stalk you.

  3. Creston-Kenilworth, the little wedge in SE between Brooklyn and Foster-Powell, sitting on top of Woodstock. Been here for a few years now, but may be moving up to Sunnyside next year when my lease runs out. Eyeing a couple places on Hawthorne and Belmont.

    Before here, I lived all over – Sellwood, Gateway area, Lower East Burnside, an SRO on W. Burnside at NW 22nd (that was something else! a bunch of down-on-our-luckers half a block from the NW 23rd shops & restaurants, ha!).

  4. I used to live across Burnside from your SRO. It was on SW St. Claire & Burnside. It was called The Stellwyn after Stella Failing. (I think it was Failing. She was 95 & the daughter of one of Portland’s prominent founding families.) Governor McCall’s mother lived in the apartment below me. The place burned down in 1971 – the year I moved to San Francisco – for the first time.

  5. oh wow, Chuck I used to live in the Stellwyn too. and in 1971. Stella lived down the hall from me and if we played the music too loud, she’d shuffle down and rap on my door with her keys to turn the music down. I really thought it was sad when it burned down especially since the rooms were all furnished with beautiful antiques that burned down with the building. Thanks for bringing back the memories! Gail

  6. Small world after all. I lived on the 5th floor above Governor McCall’s mother. It was a great old building. I think I lived there in ’70 because I moved to SF in January ’71. I was living there when my Mom sent me a news story about the fire. So sad. Do you remember Stella’s office assistant? I think her name was Bobby and she had really long fingernails!

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