Royal Bakery, 1917

The Royal Bakery provided Kleen-Maid Bread and other baked goods from the northwest corner of NW 11th and Everett. This photo has a couple of penned arrows pointing what appear to be structural flaws in the building.

(City of Portland Archives)

(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

7 thoughts on “Royal Bakery, 1917

  1. Google Earth shows three single story and one one and 1/2 story structures still extant at this intersection. Three of them could be this building if it was heavily renovated over time.

  2. Love the advertisement! This was the era when every food manufacturer stressed how “clean” and “pure” their food was. A ‘natural’ (heh) reaction to the food safety scares, scandals and abuses which occurred during the late 19th / early-20th centuries.

    Can anybody make out what the lettering along the right side of the building says? It’s not Royal Bakery. I can make out “The Home Of (something-or-other)”. Doesn’t look like a K (for Kleen-Maid) is the first letter following the “Of” to me, either?

  3. 1917 was a time period when the KKK was starting to become a political and social force in Portland. The reference to things being pure, clean, and wholesome mimics the rhetoric the Oregon Klan used against Catholicism, Judaism, non-white foreign immigrants, and black folk at that time. Notice the spelling of Kleen with a “K”? This is not a clever marketing scheme, the owner was probably a Klan member, as many prominent business people in Portland were. The headquarters of the Oregon KKK was located only blocks away from this bakery in the Pittock Building, 921 SW Washington.

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