NW 6th and Irving, 1948

We get another view of the 1948 flood in this shot looking southeast through the Union Station parking lot. At the far end is the corner of NW 6th and Irving where a temporary dike has been built. Beyond the Boyd Hotel on the right is the better-remembered Hoyt Hotel. The only building in this picture left standing is the Hunt Transfer and Storage building on Glisan between 3rd and 4th. See another flood-related photo of this area in this earlier post.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “NW 6th and Irving, 1948

  1. That sad little steam locomotive on the left of the photo is the somewhat famous Oregon Pony. It ran on the Oregon Portage Railway, carrying steamboat passengers and freight around the rapids at what is now Cascade Locks. It was first steam engine built on the Pacific Coast, and some say it was the first to operate in the Pacific Northwest. It’s now on display at Marine Park in Cascade Locks.

  2. Crouch’s Fine Food? I don’t remember them. This photo was taken just a year before I was born. Boy I feel old! Those carts look like something from the 1800’s.
    I was just at the Union Depot last week when I finally got to visit the old hometown. It’s always been a fantastic building. I went on my first train ride when I was 8 (’58) and I remember that when you flushed the toilet you could see the train tracks roll by. There was a sign saying “Do not flush when at train depot”. I think that was the practice into the ’60’s until Amtrak took them over.
    There’s that gas storage tank again.

  3. If I’m not mistaken, where the locomotive and the parking lot on the left are there used to be a large public market / farmers’ market building dating back to Union Station’s inception? I’m guessing it was probably torn down not long (maybe a decade or two?) before this shot. Would be interesting to see the same area circa 1910 or 1920.

  4. The building on the other end of the block from the Yellow cab Co at 604 NW 6th housed the R.H. Brown Company’s Portland office from the mid-30’s until the building was demolished. Brown was a bicycle and industrial equipment distributor that is still in business although they dropped bicycles a few years back. I worked in that building for 5 years. The Boyd was long gone when I got there in the mid 70’s. The Hoyt was closed at that time but still standing.

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